GEPARD-M4 Christmas Offer

07.12.2016, 10:00

Take advantage of our unique end-of-year / Christmas campaign!


A WINDOWS-10 Tablet with 12“ touchscreen –pre-configured with our trusted WIN-GEPARD Software will be given away for every purchase of a GEPARD-M4-Lasermeasuring System.

This package offers a user-friendly Laser Measuring System that enables precise measurement of Straightness, Parallelism, Rectangularity and various other measuring tasks.

The combination of a sophisticated WINDOS-10 Tablet, protected in the instrument-case, along with our wire-less Lasermeasuring System, an extremely versatile and easy to handle measuring unit, allows very precise measurements almost everywhere. It’s,case of 450 x 370 x 140mm size and a weigth of merely 5.5kg allows for this accessibility.

Just ask us today how you can use this advantageous offer!

Please note that this offer ends at noon of the 23rd of December 2016


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