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ADS Measuring System

ADS utilises the beam characteristic of the laser along with opto-electronic sensors to determine the position, and the doctor blade follow-up, of a paper coating machine, for zero-position control, thus ensuring a uniformly thick application of paint upon high-quality paper.

RAYTEC ADS Measuring system
RAYTEC ADS Measuring system

The system consists of a robust laser transmitter, a highly precise receiver including complete assessment electronics, and a display and/or operator device (controller), which also provides all necessary output signals for the superset control. Both the laser transmitter and receiver are located in cylindrical, stainless-steel housings that incorporate all required connections for air cooling.

This ensures that the sensitive devices can also be operated under rough conditions (t > 60B0C) without fail. The receiver features a light-sensitive positioning sensor sized 10x10 mm that transforms the position of the incoming laser beam into exact positioning sizes (X and Y directions). The zero positions for the X and Y directions are located in the middle of the sensor and serve to map a four-quadrant cross.

The measuring value—shown as a dot on the controller's LC display—follows the movement of the light spot on the sensor, and thus displays deviation (in positive und negative direction from the zero point). This position measurement helps to easily control the zero position.