A pentaprism deflects an incoming (laser) beam on the X/Z plane by exactly 90 degrees. This transfer depends on the position of the prism relative to its revolution around the Y axis. 

GEPARD Application


There is a restriction for each application of the 2-dimensional GEPARD™ measuring system: The Y axis is only existent when inserting a prism into the path of the beam, and through the position of the prism in space. The GEPARD measurement system uses the X (horizontal) and Y (vertical) coordinates. By inserting the prism, two parallel “virtual” lines are presented to the WIN-GEPARD™ evaluation software. The angular errors of the lines can be calculated and/or displayed.

Precise fine-tuning unit for pentaprisms


The fine-tuning unit serves to accurately adjust both degrees of freedom of the laser beam. To conduct a perfect perpendicularity measurement, it is crucial that the beam can be adjusted parallel to the measuring plane. Thanks to this solution, the exact alignment of the laser beam to the target—the GEPARD™ receiver—becomes a simple task.