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WIN-GEPARD Application Software

The measurement data capture and evaluation software for the GEPARD. 

This allows measurements of

  • straightness
  • parallelism
  • perpendicularity
  • alignment
  • position

to be performed quickly and professionally. Setup tolerances between the transmitter and the receiver are automatically corrected by the software. 


By the use of „adaptive measuring methods“ the measurement accuracy can be increased by a factor of 2 to 3 compared with the standard modes. The measurements are displayed graphically and numerically on the PC screen while the measurements are being recorded. A special large digit display allows the data to be read even from a large distance.  

After completing a sequence of measurements, additional functions are available, for example scaling with freely-selectable reference points (alignment line methods) or display of the measurements using a straight-line regression according to ISO 1101, as well as comprehensive statistical calculations.

WIN-GEPARD: Ease of use
WIN-GEPARD: Ease of use

As a standard feature, sequences of measurements and the settings can be printed out on a measurement log and also saved for further use.  Because the saved measurement data files are in ASCII format, they can be used further in popular spreadsheet or database programs without any problems.